Mihika & Abhishek's wedding in Mumbai, India

Mihika & Abhishek had an early wedding at the Grand Hyatt in Mumbai, India. Which meant that they just had a few hours after their crazy sangeet night to begin their wedding preparations. The wedding functions began as soon as we arrived back home from a month-and-a-half long USA trip, which means that Mihika & Abhishek welcomed us back to the great Indian wedding with the most mindblowing way we could imagine.

The wedding was literally one crazy party, which began with Mihika & Abhishek's haldi functions. While Mihika's haldi was fun in itself, Abhishek's haldi was - for the lack of a better word - wild. What else can you say about a 'haldi' where water balloons, a baby pool, ketchup, mustard, water guns were used more than haldi itself! Thanks to technology, both Mihika & Abhishek managed to watch each others' haldi live, on Facetime.

The sangeet had friends and family showing off their best dance moves at Tote on the Turf, Mahalaxmi. When the DJ threw the floor open, it was almost like a mad burst of energy rushed through the audience. Everyone completely lost track of time, as young and old alike partied the night away.

The next morning, Abhishek chose to make an offbeat entry in his baraat, riding a segway instead of the usual horse. His friends (aka the SherryPaBoys) just refused to let the baraat end. It took a lot of convincing from Mihika's mom to finally get Abhishek off his segway and into the venue. The SherryPaBoys made their best effort to protect the groom's nose, and lift him as high up as possible for the varmalas, but the Aggarwal's were a step ahead on both counts.

The quiet & intimate wedding cermony was a stark contrast to the high-energy partying of the night before. Mihika & Abhishek made their lifelong promises to each other around the sacred fire. The #ShekWithMiks wedding had come to a beautiful conclusion.

A week later, the gang partied once again at Koko. And again, it was a mad party.

Thank you Mihika & Abhishek. It was an absolute honour to be chosen to tell your wedding story. Thank you to your entire family and all your friends for making us feel so much at home.

Venues: Tote on the Turf, Grand Hyatt, Koko

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