So it’s happening - our boy Dhruv is getting married. The bride? Vidhi, one the best people I’ve met, and seriously perfect for Dhruv in every way.

I am more excited about this wedding than I was about my own, possibly because I’m looking forward to the culmination of the planning and co-ordination that has been going on over the last few months.

Our wedding photography at Sam & Ekta has always been a blend of street & conventional wedding photography.

This time, with no pressure of being the official photographer (The awesome Tuhina Chopra is fulfilling that role!) and with the Fujifilm X100T as my constant companion, I plan to take even stronger of a street photographer approach than the usual as I look for interesting, offbeat moments throughout this celebration - some happy, some funny, some weird and some bittersweet.

Update: It's 21st February today. The wedding just done two days ago, and here is the uncut, unfiltered look of the wedding from my camera, as I went about helping in the wedding preparations and reaching for the camera whenever I found time. A few pictures from the phera ceremony were taken on my Canon 5D Mark III.

Some links to my street photography

- Sam