Shweta & Shadab - Mumbai mornings

Shweta and Shadab's marriage festivities are set to begin on the first day of the next year! Yes, on 1st January 2017.

Since their story began in Mumbai, the choice of a couple shoot obviously was Maximum City. Shooting in Mumbai is very challenging, but greatly rewarding. The main challenge, for us as photographers is to take a city which has served as the backdrop for so many films, movies, songs and couple portraits and make it look unique. The rewarding aspect of it is the feeling when we succeed to do that.

We began at the Gateway of India in the morning, and walked around Colaba & Fort experimenting with various techniques to achieve what we wanted in-camera itself, without relying on 'photoshop'.

The heroes of this shoot however, are the people we encountered during those couple of hours - the friendly bus driver, to the cricket playing kids, the family who was taking selfies at the Gateway - all of whom let us do our thing while quietly going about their own business.

Probably the reason why Mumbai is called Maximum City is that the people here have Maximum Heart. There is no other place like this.

Press play below and let Mohd Rafi & Geeta Dutt's beautiful voices on OP Nayyar's composition guide you across the lanes of Bombay, as you walk with us on Shweta & Shadab's shoot.