Sam & Ekta Wedding Films

We approach wedding filmmaking with the intent of making something timeless, something that carries your story across generations. Therefore, our vision and output is more of a documentary type. We try to capture reality in the most beautiful way possible, versus modifying realities to make them fit manufactured narratives. Couples who choose us, understand and trust this, and here are the films we have to show for it.

Depending on the nature of your wedding, you can go for one (or a combination) of the following three types of films:

  • Wedding snippets - 5 to 7 min films

    • Ideal for brides & grooms that have offbeat weddings

    • Can work as a standalone film for intimate, one day weddings

    • Can also act as 'trailers' for longer wedding films, to build anticipation so that you can schedule a screening for your family & friends

  • Wedding highlights - 15 to 20 min films

    • Ideal for brides & grooms having wedding celebrations across multiple days

    • These pack a punch with layered narratives & moments so you can relive the highlights of your wedding

  • Wedding feature - approx 45-60 min

    • Ideal for brides & grooms that want to have a more documentary style edit of their wedding days

    • Along with layered narratives & moments, these films showcase more from each day, thus making them a wonderful option for families who want a longer viewing the their wedding celebration

    • These are available for viewing on request

Most brides & grooms go for a combination of Wedding Snippets + Wedding highlights OR Wedding Snippets + Wedding Features

If you like our style & approach for wedding cinematography, write to us at or

Wedding Snippets (or Wedding Trailers)

Ariha & Clark’s wedding at the Secret Garden, Bodega Bay - California

Amrita & Imrun's wedding at the Anantara, Bangkok

Wedding Highlights

Aaditi & Rahat's wedding at Zorba, New Delhi

Tanvi & Saahil's wedding at The Fort Jadhavgarh, Pune

Wedding Feature Films

Available for viewing on request. Write to us at or