We approach wedding filmmaking with the intent of making something timeless, something that carries your story across generations. Therefore, our vision and output is more of a documentary type. We try to capture reality in the most beautiful way possible, versus modifying realities to make them fit manufactured narratives. Couples who choose us, understand and trust this, and here are the films we have to show for it.

Our full length films can range from approximately 10 to 20 minutes based on the nature of your wedding. If you're having an intimate wedding with fewer celebrations, your wedding film will tend to fall between the 10-12 minute mark. If your wedding is a multi-day, multi-celebration story, your film may end up around 20 minutes (or slightly higher).

We also offer feature films, which range from 45-60 minutes - you can view these on request by writing to us at sam@samandekta.com or ekta@samandekta.com.