Ketki & Shrey, The Anantara, Bangkok

We had just returned from The Anantara, Bangkok after filming Amrita & Imrun's beautiful, offbeat wedding (wedding film here). Almost as soon as we got back, destiny weaved her magic in the form of a telephone call from Shreya (the groom's sister), and we ended up heading back to The Anantara in a few days for Ketki & Shrey's wedding.

Our brief was very interesting - Ketki & Shrey already had a photography & wedding film on board, and we were chosen to do our own thing for photography, with full creative freedom. 

What immediately struck us when we arrived in Thailand was the amount of effort that had been taken to plan all the details of this wedding. Even the pick ups at the airport were super efficient & great to experience, thanks to the customised audio CD that told us more about the couple and the wedding on the way to The Anantara!

Ketki & Shrey are an adorable couple. They shied away from the usual spotlight (and sometimes the camera) that is always on the bride & groom, and seemed to enjoy the fact that all their family & friends were having so much fun at their wedding. They strictly didn't want to do any posed shots, so we had to be super alert to catch the glances of love they exchanged with each other throughout their wedding.

Thank you guys, for inviting us to be a part of among the most important days in you and your families lives. Thank you Shreya, for that phone call and trusting us enough to do our own thing for your little brother's wedding. Thank you for making us feel completely at home, and for all the love and hospitality we received.

A shoutout to Kavneet and her fabulous team at The Wedding Galore for organising a celebration of such an epic scale so beautifully. A huge cheer also, to Emcee Sid for adding his special Punjabi tadka all across the wedding festivities. Thank you to Savleen, Ketki's amazing make up artist who was so much fun to be around. And lastly, thank you for the music, Jonita & Manasi.